Coturri Winery is located above the town of Glen Ellen in the appellation of Sonoma Mountain.  The winery was founded in 1979 by Harry "Red" Coturri and his sons, Tony and Phil. Red began making wine with his father, Enrico Coturri in San Francisco during Prohibition and the Great Depression who immigrated to America from Farneta, Italy in 1901. Today, Tony Coturri is the custodian of the wine made at Coturri Winery and remains true to the methods of his predecessors and his lineage. Since 1964, Tony has made natural wine that includes the process of natural yeast fermentation, no sulfites, aging in oak barrels, and always with grapes from organic vineyards. Coturri wines consist of just grapes, pure and simple.


Natural Wine in Sonoma County that is Sulfite Free.

Glen Ellen, California

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*All tasting appointments are full from now through the end of August. We are currently accepting requests for appointments for September 2021. Tastings are held only on Wednesdays and Fridays and are limited to 4 adults per group (children and dogs are not permitted at this time). Please email Tony at: tony@coturriwinery.com for a tasting appointment. We are closed on Saturdays & Sundays for tastings. Thank you!