2015 Rose' is a blend of 50% Carignane, 30% Zinfandel and 20% Syrah. A very bold Rose' with a good acid base and fine fruit overtones in the nose and body. While holding good fruit, it doesn't get in the way of the acidity which is apparent and crisp. A Rose' that works well with big foods. Has dropped a fair amount of sediment necessitating decanting. $30 per bottle 

2015 Syrah Our star of the 2015 vintage. After year and a half in the barrel this wine has all the earmarks of a brute yet is accessible and friendly in the end. Deeply colored with a nose that's that has camphor and the old white paste I used in grammar school. We blended in a bit of Carignane to soften and elevate the nose and a bit of Zinfandel to bring roundness and fruit. This Syrah has fine silky tannins that will melt and expand the marbleized fats of beef. Undoubtedly needs aging but with the right dishes will shine brightly. $40 per bottle

2016 Zinfandel This wine is a blend of two thirds Mendocino fruit and one third Estate Zinfandel. This is not the Zin for the meek. We haven't seen a Zin like this for many years: large Zin nose, sweetness in the mid-palate and a finishing acidity that makes you forget the middle. Deep color and that only in California Zin nose: Carmel, burnt fruit and yet fresh dark berries. A friend likes it with rotisserie lamb I want classic crab Cioppino or winter grade beef stew with a bit of southwest seasoning. $35 per bottle 

PET-Nat Cider We have been producing still cider since 2008. While I enjoy our ciders but not the bit of sourness that is so intrinsic in Basque style cider production. We use the natural yeast of the apples, ferment and age in somewhat neutral 60 gallon French oak barrels. This vintage we tried something different and was very lucky. We blended a barrel of 2015 still cider with a barrel of fermenting 2016. We bottled in clear champagne bottles using crimp tops when the blend hit a residual sugar of 1.75 Brix. Lightly effervescent (should be served between 48 and 50 degrees). It has enough gas to give the cider a sweet and dry feel on the pallet without a lot of sourness. This cider is produced from 100% Gravenstein organic apples from west of Sebastopol. 7.2% alcohol $25 per bottle