I’ve been making natural wine for over 40 years. Wines that are fermented on the natural yeasts that come on the handpicked grapes from an organic and or biodynamic vineyard. No SO2 or any additive, preservative or any poison is added to our wines. The wines are aged in French oak barrels or kvevri vessels made from fired clay from the republic of Georgia. Our wines are rare in the wine world. There are very few winemakers world wide who have the understanding, ability, intuition and commitment to produce wines like ours. Google Coturri Winery and read about us. Understand you’ll be tasting challenging wines and many of the ideas you have on wine are simply wrong.

   Do your homework before you make an appointment? Visit The Punchdown and Ordinaire wine bars in Oakland. Get a taste, an understanding and experience real wines.

     I like to talk to people about my commitment and leadership in the world of ‘real’ wine. However I have to take also care of myself also. Countless times I’ve had people make an appointment to taste with me. I open 5  bottles and taste the them on the wines. After a couple hours the tasting is over and the consumer buys a couple bottles and leaves. I just spent a couple hours of my life talking and educating essentially for free. I’ve opened several hundred dollars worth of wine and sold a few bottles. The cost of the samples isn’t covered nor is my time taken into consideration. A mixed case of our wine is approximately $250. Unless you’re willing to buy 1 or more cases of wine, I don’t have time to taste with you. There are plenty of other wineries to visit that wines are much less expensive.  But of course full of chemicals and mass produced

   Contact me at tony@coturriwinery.com to make an appointment. Do your homework and come taste and buy some wine!
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